GLAF 2018


The online platform Sched was used to provide detailed information on each session. All presentations from the Forum are now available on the Sched website. Please visit the session description page and scroll to the bottom to download a presentation.


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Session Track Themes

Beyond Borders This track will focus on transboundary adaptation planning and action. It will highlight cooperation among the United States, Canada, and Indigenous Peoples; strategies for addressing multi-jurisdictional issues; establishing and advancing regional governance; innovative partnerships; and bridging local action to a larger scale.
Funding & Finance This track will highlight mechanisms for funding and financing adaptation action. It will address new funding and finance tools, and highlight creative uses of traditional tools. Sessions may cover topics such as emerging bond markets, pay-for-success financing, the role of insurance in advancing or constraining action, pay-for-service programs, how to find and approach funders and investors, crafting cost-effective solutions, and measuring the cost of inaction.
Leadership at all Levels This track will focus on stories that celebrate and inspire leadership at all levels of society - from students and youth to business leaders and elected officials. It will highlight the work of individuals and communities serving as champions for adaptation action, and lift up examples of leadership that has resulted in building power for underrepresented populations or engaging new and diverse stakeholder groups.
Technology & Innovation This track will showcase cutting-edge, transformative technologies and processes that are accelerating adaptation action. It will discuss how these technologies and processes can be improved, scaled, replicated, and transferred to communities that need them most.