Michigan Community Health and Climate Change

GLISA worked with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to develop a Climate Profile Report for the State of Michigan. The Climate Profile Report is a synthesis of historical and future climate information for the state, with emphasis on specific geographic areas of concern. With support from GLISA and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), MDHHS previously identified several health risks and associated climate stressors. GLISA is tailoring climate information to address their specific concerns with respect to projected climate change.

Heat Stress & New Pilot

The heat stress event model, and University-State partnership are designed to assist and facilitate discussions among municipal public health professionals. This project assisted with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services' (MDHHS) decision to join a pilot effort supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As a result, Michigan is now one of 16 states participating in the CDC Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE) initiative. Through this national initiative, selected states and cities are applying climate science to develop flexible programs that proactively anticipate climate-related health impacts.


Project partners provided climate data and information to improve the understanding of potential climate changes across Michigan. Key outcomes from the project include a new report, Michigan Climate and Health Profile Report 2015: Building resilience against climate effects on Michigan’s health. In the report, five critical health risks are highlighted, based on the following climate change factors:

  • Prolonged heat;
  • Extreme weather events; and
  • Increased precipitation

Future Efforts

GLISA and MDHHS are continuing their partnership as the CDC moves forward with the BRACE pilot initiative. Efforts in Michigan will be based on the findings from the Climate and Health report, including:

  • Developing and testing interventions to improve community health; and
  • Building a training program for Michigan’s community health workers.

UM Project Team

Public Health:

Taubman & Natural Resources:

  • Larissa Larsen, Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning and Natural Resources

Project Contact:

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Project Accomplishments: 

GLISA co-authored the Michigan Climate and Health Profile Report 2015 with MDHHS to complete Phase I of the CDC’s BRACE pilot program in Michigan. This report identifies five areas of increased health concerns due to climate change impacts.