William Baule

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MSU Graduate Student Research Assistant

As a research associate with the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences + Assessments (GLISA), William works collaboratively with a broad network of scientists and practitioners throughout the Great Lakes region to incorporate sound climate information into their work. Much of his recent work has focused on the implementation of historical climate data, implementing higher-temporal resolution observations in analyses, and data visualization.

William holds a master’s degree in Climate Assessment and Impacts and a bachelor's degree in Meteorology-Climatology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Prior to coming to GLISA, William worked as a service climatologist with the High Plains Regional Climate Center (HPRCC) in Lincoln, Nebraska on data collection, quality control, and analysis of large climatic datasets. In addition to this he also actively engaged with stakeholders throughout the High Plains and Missouri River Basin. His graduate work focused on analysis of long-term observational wind datasets in the Arctic, with a particular focus on mesoscale circulations.

Email: baulewil@msu.edu