2024 GLISA Small Grant: Empowering People of Faith in Northern Indiana to Advance Environmental Justice and Climate Adaptation through Education & Collaboration

Project Team

Project Summary

Climate change impacts disproportionately harm divested communities and their environment in Northern Indiana. These same community members are often left out of opportunities to take part in climate resilience planning. Yet, houses of worship can give rise to natural networks of individuals who are mobilized to organize and take collective action. Building on this concept, Faith in Place will use their Green Team Coaching model to empower people of faith in Northern Indiana to engage in climate adaptation planning and advocate for their community. These Green Teams are able to carry out environmental programming that aligns with local context, culture, and theological practices. Furthermore, these engagements create a space for storytelling as a way to share how the climate crisis is impacting local communities. Faith in Place will use a multifaith-based climate adaptation curriculum and training developed by Creation Justice Ministries to educate people of faith on current climate impacts and potential solutions in their region.

Anticipated Outcomes
  • A strengthened network of faith communities in northern Indiana engaging in peer learning and relationship building
  • An increased understanding of unique community needs, vulnerabilities, and assets for climate adaptation planning
  • Increased networks and opportunities for climate collaboration, coordination, and accountability between local faith communities and key decision makers
  • Increased environmental literacy and climate empowerment tools available for faith partners to advocate to decision makers
  • Increased intentional and tailored engagement and collaboration with divested communities related to coastal climate resilience
Anticipated Impacts
  • This work will empower Green Teams to advocate for climate adaptation efforts and plans that are shaped by the community’s needs and lived experiences. 
  • Divested communities in northern Indiana will be empowered to participate in key policy conversations. 
  • Financial support will create opportunities and access for community members to share their expertise and knowledge.
  • Climate data will inspire participants to learn more about how the climate crisis will impact their community.
GLISA Contribution

GLISA funded this 2024 small grant project and will compile climate data and information relevant to northern Indiana. GLISA will participate through presentations and will help craft accessible climate factsheets and resources.

GLISA Contact

Kim Channell, GLISA Climatologist, kimchann@umich.edu