2024 GLISA Small Grant: FloodWise Communities Learn/Do Cohorts

Project Team

Project Summary

Vulnerability assessments help communities understand local climate risks and identify areas for action. Yet, many communities lack the capacity and funds to complete this intensive and expensive process. Through this project, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability USA (ICLEI USA) will use GLISA’s FloodWise Communities (FWC) program to help Great Lakes communities complete stormwater vulnerability assessments. ICLEI USA is partnering with Wisconsin Green Tier Legacy Communities, the Michigan Municipal League, and Southeast Michigan Council of Governments to recruit interested communities. The project will focus on supporting local governments that are under-resourced, or that primarily serve economically disadvantaged or historically marginalized communities. Participants will receive training on team building, vulnerability assessments, communications, and inclusive community engagement. Then, participants will go through the FWC program and create stormwater vulnerability assessments. This work is part of a larger effort to bring FWC to communities across the Great Lakes region.

To learn more about this project, visit ICLEI USA’s project webpage. 

Anticipated Outcomes
  • Cohort trainings focused on team building, vulnerability assessments, communications and inclusive community engagement
  • Customized climate profiles for each participating community 
  • Customized socioeconomic profiles for each participating community using Neighborhoods at Risk
  • Guiding materials for participants to use to engage with community members and incorporate their perspectives 
  • Completed stormwater vulnerability assessments through the FWC program
Anticipated Impacts
  • Participants will better understand local and regional climate science and impacts. 
  • Holistic planning will consider climate data, social and economic information, and community voices. 
  • Participants will feel compelled to reduce climate vulnerabilities and will have access to education, resources and support.
  • Participants will be better prepared to reduce stormwater vulnerabilities through future projects and planning processes. 
  • Participants will use their local climate profiles to inform other local planning processes.
  • Participants will leverage their assessment to inform local policy and budgets, reduce risk, and seek funding.
GLISA Contribution

GLISA funded this 2024 small grant project and brings knowledge of and experience with the FloodWise Communities program. GLISA will prepare custom climate data profiles for participating communities. Additionally, GLISA will give climate 101 presentations and help co-facilitate the FloodWise Communities workshops.

GLISA Contact

Tori Field, Sustained Engagement Specialist, gravesvi@umich.edu