2019 GLISA Small Grant: Using Climate Data To Better Manage Within-Field Unstable Yield Zones in Row-Crops

Funded by 2019 GLISA Small Grants Competition

Project Summary

This project aims to analyze the effect of climate variability and change on crop yields in yield stability zones (particularly the unstable zones) in the Great Lakes region and to develop improved strategies for tactical (within season) and strategic nitrogen management decisions using climate data and information. We are examining this with a combination of remotely sensed data and detailed output from deterministic crop simulation models for historical and projected future time frames at test sites in Michigan. The proposed management protocol would increase the climate resilience of growers and the economic and environmental sustainability of the agricultural sector. Our partnership with these groups has given us the opportunity to work hands-on with farmers’ applications through the analysis of their geospatial data. As a result of this project, stakeholders will be able to make better management decisions on the unstable zones of the field. GLISA will provide gridded and historical climate data to the team, provide analysis, and support preparing publications.

Project Accomplishments

  • Series of workshops with different stakeholders to share the results of the analysis performed on assessing the impact of climate variability and change on unstable yield zones of fields (anticipated).


Research findings

The climate data-driven crop simulation models developed in this project will help inform management protocols that increase the climate resilience of growers as well as the economic and environmental sustainability of the agricultural sector (anticipated). 

GLISA Contribution

GLISA funded this 2019 small grant project and is partnering with the grantee to provide climate model data for use in crop simulation models.

Project Partners

  • MSU Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (grantee, PI Bruno Basso)

GLISA Contact

Kim Channell, Climatologist, kimchann@umich.edu


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