Frank Marsik

Research Scientist, University of Michigan

Frank Marsik is an Associate Research Scientist and Lecturer within the Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering.   Having worked as an operational/broadcast meteorologist following the completion of his undergraduate degree in 1984, Frank returned to graduate school five years later and completed his PhD in Atmospheric Sciences (Air Pollution Meteorology) in 1995.   Since that time, he has been involved in the study of the environmental cycling of pollutants, particularly mercury, through various ecosystems.   This work has included both field measurement studies of the air-surface exchange of mercury, as well as modeling studies of the emission, transport, transformation and fate of mercury and other trace species across local, regional and global scales.

Frank’s continued interest in atmosphere-ecosystem interaction has led him to investigate the impacts of climate variability on coastal ecosystems and the communities within which they exist.  For example, his recent research has involved consideration of the impact of climate variability on Great Lakes water levels and the susbsquent impacts on the fisheries and cultural practices of Indigenous Tribes within the region.

In addition to his research, Frank teaches courses in meteorological analysis and forecasting, weather systems and air pollution meteorology.

Frank Marsik
Phone: 734-763-5369