Chris Dawson murder trial: Schoolgirl taunt with song by The Police

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    The Chris Dawson murder trial has heard how lyrics of a hit song by the band, The Police, were sung to taunt the younger sister of the schoolgirl having an affair with the PE teacher.<br>The court also heard on Wednesday that the schoolgirl, after leaving her marriage to Dawson in 1990, had told one of her best friends, that he had taken money in a brown paper bag from the glovebox of his car to pay someone to ‘kill Lyn’.<br>The younger sister of JC told the court how girls at their school, Cromer High, sang the first line of “Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ to taunt her after her older sister – the woman known legally as JC – began an affair with Dawson.<br>The younger sister, who was four years behind her Year 12 sister at Cromer High School in 1981  – said she was bullied by girls singing her the song which made her ‘kind of embarrassed’.<br>The lyrics sung to her were ‘Young teacher, the subject Of schoolgirl fantasy’.<br>The song goes on to say, ‘You know how bad girls get, sometimes it’s not so easy, to be the teacher’s pet’.<br>The Teacher’s Pet is the name of a podcast about the alleged murder of Lynette Dawson by her husband Chris Dawson, who went on to marry JC.<br>Asked about what the girls were referring to with the words, and its impact on her, JC’s younger sister said, ‘I knew they were referring to my sister and Mr Dawson, it made me cringe’.<br>One of JC’s best friends at school, KL, told the court on Wednesday that in Year 12, JC had been ‘very beautiful’ and spent more and more time talking with her PE teacher Chris Dawson.<br> Chris Dawson’s murder trial has heard how his schoolgirl wife claimed she had seen him take money in a brown paper bag from his car glovebox to ‘pay’ someone to ‘kill Lyn'<br> The trial has heard how lyrics of a hit song by the band, The Police, were sung to taunt the younger sister of the schoolgirl JC (above) having an affair with Chris Dawson<br>’He was very flirtatious, he was very vain, (JC) was seen regularly standing in door of his PE Office (at) recess, lunchtime,’ KL said.<br>She said that JC had steadily become ‘more reserved’ after becoming involved with Dawson and when their group of school friends and boyfriends went camping at South West Rocks in January 1982, he turned up.<br>’He was standing by a car, he was off in the distance, she had her back to him,’ KL told the court.<br>’I said “what is HE doing here, we’re all students”.'<br>JC’s response was ‘her body language was, she hunched up and sort of turned away from where he was.

    She collapsed her body and cringed’.<br>Another school friend staying at the South West Rocks caravan park, MC, had entreated JC not to leave with Dawson, saying, ‘don’t go’, but she said JC had replied, ‘I have no choice, I have to go’.<br>The Crown alleges this happened just after police say Chris Dawson murdered his wife, on or soon after January 8, 1982. <br> One of the schoolgirl’s best friends said JC told her after leaving Dawson (above with first wife Lynette) how it was weird to see Lyn’s rings and clothes left behind so she assumed the woman had been murdered<br> Friends of the schoolgirl (above, centre, leaving the trial this month) said she  was ‘very beautiful’ in Year 12 and Dawson was ‘flirtatious and vain’ and turned up unexpectedly at the schoolfriends’ camping holiday<br>KL told the judge-only trial in the NSW Supreme Court, where Dawson has pleaded not guilty to murder, that she next saw JC in 1990 when she had fled her marriage to the accused.<br>They were together, going to a petrol station in the Sydney suburb of Dee Why, when KL and JC discussed what the latter thought had happened to Dawson’s first wife.  <br>’The substance of what she said, was she believed Lyn had been murdered,’ KL said.<br>’She said it was weird, all of her (Lynette Dawson’s) rings were in a bowl on the dressing table and all her clothes were there and she felt Lyn was murdered.<br>’And Chris had taken her (JC) somewhere once and he took something out of the glovebox, and it was money to pay someone to kill Lyn.<br>’She (JC) said Chris was very controlling, he was aggressive, she was miserable and she had to get out.'<br>Under cross-examination by Dawson’s counsel, KL was read a 2018 police statement she had made about the 1990 encounter with JC.<br>In that statement, the court heard, KLsaid she was told by JC that Dawson had ‘grabbed a brown paper bag from the glovebox, (said) “I think he must have got a hit man to kill her or something … she must be dead because she didn’t take any of her clothes or anything”.'<br> JC and Dawson at their 1984 marriage, which she left in 1990, telling friends ‘Chris was very controlling, he was aggressive, she was miserable and she had to get out'<br>Video of the beginning of Chris Dawson’s 1991 police interview was played in court late on Wednesday, showing the then 42-year-old dressed in a white t-shirt being grilled by two detectives.<br> In the interview Dawson runs though what had happened leading up to and after his wife’s disappearance, and saying he’d spoken with a drug squad detective at a 1985 high school reunion about helping with inquiries.<br>Told by Detective Sergeant Paul Magyar that particular detective had been quizzed about that and ‘had no knowledge of it’, Dawson said the man might have been ‘intoxicated’ when they spoke.<br>Dawson agreed with his interviewers that after Lyn left because she ‘needed time away’ he had told her mother Lyn had phoned him saying she wouldn’t come home until she made up her mind and he had said ‘how much more bloody time do you need’.<br>The trial heard earlier that Dawson allegedly told JC, after driving her in her school uniform to a hotel, that he had planned to get a hit man to murder Lyn, but changed his mind because  ‘innocent’ people could be hurt.<br>KL objected to Dawson’s counsel describing JC’s affair with Dawson as ‘a relationship’, protesting that she regarded it as ‘molestation’ and that at Cromer High school, teachers had ‘preyed on’ students.<br>Dawson’s defence lawyer put it to KL that she had an ‘unabashed view that this man (the accused) is guilty of killing Lyn Dawson’, to which she replied, ‘my opinion is that he had reason and she has been murdered’.<br>Asked by Justice Ian Harrison if it was KL’s view that Dawson is ‘guilty of murdering Lyn,’ KL said, ‘yes, or arranging to have her murdered’. <br>Chris Dawson, 73, is standing trial in the NSW accused of killing his wife Lyn, who disappeared at the age of 33. <br>The Crown claims that then-high school teacher Chris Dawson killed Lynette and disposed of her body because of his affair with JC, who was one of his PE students.<br> Chris Dawson (above left, arriving at the Supreme Court with his brother, Peter) was ‘flirtatious’ and vain’ as a PE teacher at Cromer High where, the court heard, teachers ‘preyed on’ students<br>Dawson’s legal team has argued that while he may have failed his wife as a husband, he did not kill her. <br>On Tuesday, former childcare assistant Anna Grantham described to the court a violent incident Mrs Dawson had relayed to her, after Ms Grantham had become concerned at Mr Dawson’s aggressive behaviour towards his first wife.<br>Ms Grantham said Lynette, with whom she had formed an ‘instant friendship bond’ at Warriewood Childcare Centre, had met up at a Sunday boot sale in Elanora Heights to sell bric-a-brac.<br>When Chris Dawson came to pick her up with their two young daughters in the car, ‘he appeared to be very agitated and angry and aggressive towards Lyn, the way he spoke to Lyn’,’ Ms Grantham told the court.<br>The following day at work, Ms Grantham said she had broached the subject and told Lynette she ‘was very surprised the way Chris was towards her, cranky and he was aggressive with words’.<br>Lyn’s response, Ms Grantham said, was ‘her face changed, she appeared to be worried … and she said to me “yes he can be very aggressive towards me”.’ <br> Chris Dawson is on trial for the alleged murder of his first wife Lynette (above, the couple together), who hasn’t been seen since January 1982<br>During her testimony, Ms Grantham said Lynette then told her, ‘one day we were having a fight around the pool and he actually grabbed me around the back of my hair’ and that then he ‘pressed her on the mud with her face, their own pool’.<br>When she asked Lynette ‘how long he had held her’ in the mud, Mrs Dawson replied, ‘I could not breathe, I was gasping for breath’.<br>Ms Grantham told the court she was scared for her friend saying ‘oh my God, he could obviously (have) killed you’ and Lynette responded, saying ‘Yes he could have easily killed me’.<br>During cross-examination by Chris Dawson’s lawyer, Pauline David, who suggested the story had come from a neighbour of the Dawsons’, or that her memory had been contaminated by other people’s stories, Ms Grantham said she had a visual memory of Lyn telling her about the assault.<br>‘I cannot forget what I was told … by Lyn about the episode around the pool.

    I just had it inside me in my heart,’ she told the court.<br>She also said Lyn had told her about going home at lunchtime during the school holidays – which she usually didn’t do – and finding their schoolgirl babysitter’s bikini bottoms on the clothesline along with her husband’s swimming trunks.<br>‘She was really hurt and very, very sad,’ Ms Grantham said of Lyn Dawson’s reaction.<br>The trial continues. <br> The court heard Chris Dawson’s wife told her friend Sue Strath how she came home to find the babysitter JC (above) moved into the home and swimming ‘naked’ in the pool, with her husband inside the house<br>

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