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    As a schoolboy, I wanted to be a physicist. My father, a physicist himself, tried to discourage me, telling me that physics was too hard. But he had no idea what he was talking about.
    Physics will never be easy. But it is worth the trouble. It has an elegance that can enthrall you, and in it you will find the key to the universe.
    So I started in physics, and all through high school and college I dreamed about physics. Then one day I tripped over a book on the history of science. It had pictures of old scientific instruments, and a lot of information about the scientists who lived in their heyday.
    The book was a wonderful surprise. It showed me that what my father had called “hard” work was actually quite fascinating. It helped me understand why physicists were so smart.
    But what good were all the pictures of old, dead scientists? Could I find a use for this about hdd data recovery software book?
    Finally an answer occurred to me. Maybe I could find out something about myself.
    To find out, I decided to write a book of biographies. I could show what each of the scientists had done, and try to guess how I would have behaved in their place.
    I chose four people: Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Joseph Priestley, and Hypatia of Alexandria. I wanted to tell their story in a way that would be interesting to a modern audience.
    I chose biographies because biographies are short. Writing a long book about a famous scientist is hard work. But writing two pages about each one is a lot easier.
    The first problem I faced was how to find the information. Fortunately, there are a huge amount of biographies about scientists, and these days you can find them online. But that information is usually hard to find. You have to search online journals and databases.
    Being online

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