way to watch live sport on your computer

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    The modern way to watch live sport on your computer is to pay a company like Sky or BT Sport for a subscription. But, since these services are aimed at the British and Irish markets, they don’t include every game.

    When you want to watch a game that’s not in your region, the simplest solution is to head over to Reddit’s NFL Streams subreddit (or one of the others dedicated to other vipbox sports.) There you’ll find a list of streams from people all around the world who are watching the game, organized by location. It’s not perfect—the quality varies, and sometimes it can be difficult to find working streams—but it’ll usually get you watching your team play football.

    The problem is that streaming copyrighted material without permission is illegal in most countries. Few people have ever been prosecuted for it, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get into trouble if you’re ever caught.

    There are some ways around this, though. VPNs and Tor can hide your identity and location, while sites like FirstRowSports allow you to stream games through a browser plugin without having to download anything at all. These options require a bit more technical know-how than just clicking on a link, but they’ll keep you out of trouble should you ever be

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