GLISA works at the boundary between climate science and decision making, striving to enhance Great Lakes communities’ capacity to understand, plan for, and respond to climate impacts now and in the future.


“The GLISA team was instrumental in providing the science, then also having someone to interpret that science. It’s really valuable to have a funder as a partner who is also providing targeted expertise.”

Angela Larsen, Director of Planning, Alliance for the Great Lakes

“The translational tools and skills from GLISA were essential to better connecting climate information to Tribal needs and interests. This model for supporting tribal climate decision making has extended into our other work and allowed for expanded support for tribes throughout the Northeast Climate Science Center region.”

Chris Caldwell, Director, Sustainable Development Institute at the College of Menominee Nation

“GLISA continues to play a vital role across the Great Lakes basin in driving best practices, building a broad network of climate change stakeholders, and in developing excellent guidance which enables resilient decision making by practitioners.”

Glenn Milner, Climate Risk Institute

“We turned to GLISA because of the funding at first, and it was a surprise how much they approached working with grantees as partners. At first, it was about funding. I wasn’t aware ahead of time about how much richer the partnership would be than with our typical funder.”

Deborah Kleinman, Implementation Coordinator & Module Leader, Model Forest Policy Program