Sustained Assessment

Boundary Chain Model

By linking with boundary organizations that already have the trust of potential users, GLISA avoids the costs of building relationships from scratch. Users, in turn, have the opportunity to co-develop customized, salient knowledge that can support their decision needs.

Climate Models

Many climate models do not provide credible information for the Great Lakes region because they poorly represent the Great Lakes and lake-land-atmosphere dynamics. As part of GLISA’s Great Lakes Ensemble project, GLISA performs ongoing evaluation of global and regional climate models to determine which ones best represent the climate of the Great Lakes region to deliver the highest quality climate information.

Sustained Assessment of the Great Lakes

The Sustained Assessment of the Great Lakes is intended to be a continuous, sustained, community-based process to assess knowledge of GL ice cover, lake levels, hydrology, and climate.

National Climate Assessment

The National Climate Assessment (NCA) assesses the science of climate change and variability and its impacts across the United States, now and throughout this century.