GLISA solicits, reviews, and selects research projects for funding on an annual basis. Funding priorities are determined, in part, with input from the Stakeholder and Science Advisory Committees.

In April 2011, GLISA announced that it would fund five one-year projects:

Project Title: Assessing the impacts of climate variability and change on Great Lakes evaporation: Implications for decision making, adaptation, and water resource management
Research Team: John Lenters, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
John Anderton, Northern Michigan University
Peter Blanken, University of Colorado-Boulder
Christopher Spence, Environment Canada
Andrew Suyker, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Synopsis: Variations in Great Lakes water levels impact numerous sectors, including hydropower, navigation, recreation, aquatic ecosystems, and shoreline residents. This project will integrate and compare data from existing observational sites in Lakes Superior and Huron to assess the impacts of climate variability and change on evaporation rates.
Project Title: A modeling framework for informing decision-maker response to extreme heat events in Michigan under climate change
Research Team: Laura Schmitt Olabisi, Michigan State University
Ralph Levine, Michigan State University
Lorraine Cameron, Michigan Department of Community Health
Michael Beaulac, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Robert Wahl, Michigan Department of Community Health
Stuart Blythe, Michigan State University
Synopsis: This project will assess human health risks of extreme heat events in Michigan cities and create a dynamic modeling framework that tests policy and management options for reducing morbidity and mortality related to these events.
Project Brief: The Mid-Michigan Heat Model: A Modeling Framework for Informing Decision Maker Response to Extreme Heat Events in Michigan Under Climate Change
Project Title: An assessment of the implications of climate variability and change for Michigan’s tourism industry
Research Team: Sarah Nicholls, Michigan State University
Bas Amelung, Wageningen University
Donald Holecek, Michigan State University
Jim MacInnes, Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa
Robert Richardson, Portland State University
Synopsis: This project will assess the potential impacts of climate variability and change on the winter sports and state parks in Michigan. Researchers will interact directly with the winter sports industry and state park managers to identify vulnerabilities and options for adaptation.
Project Title: Predicting the impacts of climate change on agricultural yields and water resources in the Maumee River Watershed
Research Team: David Hyndman, Michigan State University
Anthony Kendall, Michigan State University
Synopsis: The Maumee River watershed encompasses areas of Southeast Michigan, Northeast Indiana, and Northwest Ohio. After meeting with stakeholders from this area, the researchers will develop a coupled crop-growth and hydrologic model to simulate scenarios of climate change impacts on crop yields and water resources across the watershed.
Project Title: Designing a decision support system for harvest management of Great Lakes lake whitefish in a changing climate
Research Team: William Taylor, Michigan State University
Abigail Lynch, Michigan State University
Synopsis: Whitefish are an ecologically and economically important species in the Great Lakes. Researchers will work with stakeholders to assess decision support tools for Great Lakes lake whitefish management in the context of climate change.