Contact: Dr. Jenna Jorns, Program Manager, Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments (GLISA),


GLISA Climatologist Laura Briley presented at the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus meeting on September 22nd in Erie, Pennsylvania, marking the first time climate change has formally been on the agenda at the gathering.

Her presentation, “Climate Change and the Potential Impacts on the Great Lakes”, focused on how warming temperatures and stronger, more frequent storm events will affect the Great Lakes and coastal communities.

More specifically, Laura spoke to a few issues in-depth, including:

  • Climate changes already observed across the region, as well as future projections
  • Coastal impacts from changing lake levels, including coastal flooding, infrastructure and property damage, and water quality concerns
  • The future of growing grapes in the region, as well as potential impacts on the industry in terms of wine production

The ultimate goal of the presentation was to help attendees of the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus understand the potential impacts of climate change on the region, as well as opportunities for coastal communities to prepare for and adapt to those changes. The GLLC is a non-partisan, binational organization of state and provincial legislators from the eight states and two provinces that share the Great Lakes.