2012 GLISA Small Grant: Assessing and Communicating Risks from Climate Variability for the Michigan Tart Cherry Industry

Communicating Risks from Climate Variability for Tart Cherry Industry

The Michigan tart cherry industry experienced two devastating weather events (2002, 2012) in the last decade that impacted production, markets, and farm sustainability. This project gathered appropriate weather and climate information for the Michigan tart cherry industry to make decisions about future investments. The research results continue to inform industry leaders on best practices for mitigating risks and appropriating resources to adapt to climate variability and extreme weather events.

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Michigan State University and Michigan State University Extension are continuing to work with tart cherry growers through a number of research efforts such as the Pileus Project.

Project Contact:

Nikki Rothwell, Center Coordinator, District IPM Educator, Northwest Michigan Horticulture Research Center

Project Accomplishments

Research Findings

Growers indicated a desire to have more information on evidence based risk management methods, especially on frost protection methods. Specifically, support is needed for 1) how to use wind fans, 2) installation of weather monitoring stations 3) analyzing and using data from weather stations, and 4) tying those data to frost protection measures.