2014 GLISA Small Grant: Climate-Ready Infrastructure and Strategic Sites Protocol (CRISSP)

In response to the more frequent and intense weather around the Great Lakes region, the primary goal of this project is to help municipalities prepare for the next storm by understanding where their community’s vulnerable infrastructure is and having a plan for emergency responders to identify and secure it.  The secondary goal is to broadly disseminate the protocol and lessons learned from the pilot city so that more cities around and beyond the region can adopt the protocol and become better prepared. The Climate-Ready Infrastructure and Strategic Sites Protocol outlines how to identify and secure strategic sites such as water and wastewater treatment plants and electricity transformers that are susceptible to extreme weather; this project also provides guidance on what steps can be taken to secure this vulnerable infrastructure. The protocol was tested in the pilot city of Gary, Indiana so that it can be refined and fine-tuned prior to broad dissemination.

For more information and materials to use CRISSP, visit the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative’s website.

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