2011 GLISA Small Grant: Designing a decision support system for harvest management of Great Lakes lake whitefish in a changing climate


Whitefish are an ecologically and economically important species in the Great Lakes. Researchers are working with stakeholders to assess decision support tools for Great Lakes whitefish management in the context of climate change.

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Contact(s):William Taylor, Abigail Lynch, Michigan State University

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Abigail Lynch described this project during the 2011 GLISA Symposium. Watch the video below.

Project Accomplishments

Research Findings

The positive relationship between spring temperatures and recruitment with climate change suggests the potential for increased lake whitefish production in the Great Lakes, if foraging habitat is not limited and food resources are available at (i.e., “match”) larval hatch. However, the negative relationship between fall temperatures and recruitment may inhibit egg survival and lake whitefish production.

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