2011 GLISA Small Grant: Predicting the impacts of climate change on agricultural yields and water resources in the Maumee River Watershed

The Maumee River watershed encompasses areas of Southeast Michigan, Northeast Indiana, and Northwest Ohio. After meeting with stakeholders from this area, the researchers developed a coupled crop-growth and hydrologic model to simulate scenarios of climate change impacts on crop yields and water resources across the watershed.

David Hyndman described this project during the 2011 GLISA Symposium. Watch the video below.

Project Accomplishments

Research Findings

Based on the model results, the research team predicts that simulated corn yields will significantly decline by the end of the century, under a high carbon emission scenario. Also, a medium emission scenario showed moderate crop yield reductions, while a low emission scenario showed small yield reductions. New groups of plants and agricultural economic management strategies are necessary for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

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