Beth Gibbons

Practitioner in Residence, Farallon Strategies, LLC

Beth Gibbons is a Practitioner in Residence with GLISA, helping the team pursue new funding opportunities and identify new potential focus areas and partnerships. She has over a decade of experience working on climate change adaptation and twenty years of experience working on sustainable development, community engagement, and partnership building. Her climate change experience and expertise includes developing and executing climate adaptation plans, strategies, and projects at multiple scales of government and across multiple sectors. Beth has led regional and national conversations on climate induced migration and how communities are or should be preparing to receive climate migrants.

She has worked with stakeholders across the Great Lakes Region ranging from community based organizations, rural communities, and Tribes and state agencies, federal climate programs, and national non-profit networks. From 2016 – 2022 Beth served as the Executive Director of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP). She is an advocate for the improvement of the community of practice of climate adaptation and resilience at all levels of society. She serves on the National Advisory Board of the Climate and Space Program of the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering and is an author of the 5th National Climate Assessment’s Midwest Chapter (due out in 2023). She is uniquely knowledgeable about what is working and what is needed to advance climate action – in both mitigation and adaptation/resilience across the Midwest and Great Lakes Region. She sees climate change as an existential threat to our communities and way of life and seeks to bring together the people, knowledge, and resources needed to build effective and equitable climate solutions. While her work is national, she is a dedicated community leader and extends her passion for resilient places and justice into her service and volunteer work; she serves as a sustainability commissioner in her beloved community of Ypsilanti, MI

Beth Gibbons
Phone: 202-904-9946