Maria Carmen Lemos

Co-Director and Principal Investigator, University of Michigan

Dr. Maria Carmen Lemos is a Professor at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability and the Principal Investigator and Co-Director of GLISA. Dr. Lemos’ research focuses on social studies of science, especially on the co-production of knowledge and decision-making. Her research also focuses on use of techno-scientific knowledge in environmental policymaking, especially water management, in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and United States. Research on human dimensions of global change, impact of seasonal climate forecasting in policymaking (agriculture, drought-relief, water management), and the role of technocrats and public participation in environmental policymaking. She is also involved in research on socioenvironmental vulnerability of poor inhabitants of the Mexico/U.S border region.

She has overseen and empirically investigated numerous co-production projects and has worked with a number of knowledge networks. Dr. Lemos has decades of experience leading interdisciplinary teams and working with climate scientists to convey scientific information to diverse audiences.

Maria Carmen Lemos
Phone: 734-764-9315