Great Lakes Climate Adaptation Network (GLCAN)

GLCAN is a regional network of local government staff and partners that actively work together to identify and act on the unique climate adaptation challenges of the Great Lakes region.

For more information about GLCAN, please see our 2-page flyer.

The purpose of this network is to build capacity for community resiliency efforts by focusing on sharing information on and finding solutions to the unique challenges faced by the Great Lakes region. Building upon a core network of member cities and counties, GLCAN explores partnerships with other organizations that are working on Great Lakes climate challenges. GLCAN also seeks to promote connections among cities, counties, nonprofits, foundations, and universities. Formed in 2015 as a partner network of the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN), GLCAN is a member-driven peer network that integrates leading cities and counties across the Great Lakes region to address issues of community sustainability. GLCAN seeks to establish network connections and identify network priorities through quarterly conference calls and yearly face-to-face meetings. GLCAN members share resources and updates through a variety of online tools and techniques


Questions? Interested in Joining?

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Map of GLCAN Member Governments